May 22, 2022-Follow the Voyage

T.S. GOLDEN BEAR continues to exercise and fine tune its main engines, engage cadets in the practice of good seamanship, and safely navigate towards Seattle.

Besides strong winds and high seas, vessel traffic and marine life have been encountered and managed over the last 24 hours.The necessary running-in of our main engines following the months of Reduced Operating Status (ROS) in Vallejo reduced our initial speed. Completion of that task ensures propulsion reliability up along the West Coast, through the Straits of Juan de Fuca, and into Puget Sound.

We are now making sea speed, and as rough sea conditions steadily diminish, we are regaining lost time in transit. 210 nautical miles were run under the keel today.

Cadet Watch Officers, Bridge Team Managers, and Helmsmen with Cadet Watch Engineers, Assistant Watch Engineers, and Wipers are operating GOLDEN BEAR safely up the California, Oregon, and Washington coast. Guidance and supervision by competent Faculty and Ships Officers are allowing the Cadets to demonstrate and refine their skills and abilities through real experience.

Emergency Steering, and Man Overboard Drills in the open sea are on tomorrows priority ta....

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