DVIDS - News - Pacific Allies Interns Address Climate Change in the RMI



We toured the island communities and spoke with the residents about what they consider to be the most pressing climate related challenges, said Master Sgt. John Phillips, team leader for the two-person U.S. Army Pacifics Oceania Engagement Team to U.S. Embassy Majuro. The primary concern is drought and the depletion of freshwater reserves. Increasing capacity to produce, import, and store fresh water is a priority.Helping the people of the Republic of the Marshall Islands is what brought the students here.My biggest hope is to make connections with the people in the RMI and to learn about what is important to them, said USCGA Cadet Alana Kickhoefer. If you want to help people and find solutions to problems, the first step is figuring out what those problems really are. We cannot assume or guess what we think the major issues are. Kickhoefer, from Frisco, Texas, said she has been interested in climate change because it affects our everyday lives and will have an even greater impact on the generations to come. For example, there are fires across the world right now as temperatures are at a record high in many areas. Events like this are only going to increase if we are not actively working to combat climate change. I am interested because I want future generations to have a better environmental situation on their hands than they are predicted to right now.Simon Weiss, a junior at Tufts University near Boston, said he became interested ....

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