Woods Hole Oceanographic Institutions remotely operated vehicle Jason assists with the successful re

Newswise — Woods Hole, MA (September 3, 2021) - On Thursday, September 2, the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Jason succeeded in helping recover two other underwater vehicles, ROV Hercules and Argus, that were stranded on the seafloor off the coast of British Columbia last week when their tether to the surface broke. The operation came about as a result of close collaboration and mutual aid that are a hallmark of the ocean science and exploration community and the maritime community as a whole.

Hercules and Argus, which are owned and operated by the Ocean Exploration Trust, were off the coast of Victoria Island, British Columbia, to service seafloor instruments operated by Ocean Networks Canada at a location known as the Endeavor Hydrothermal Field. The vehicles were in the water when the tether connecting them to their support ship, the exploration vessel (E/V) Nautilus, separated and the pair became stranded on the bottom in 2200 meters (7,220 feet) of water.

“This incident occurred entirely underwater and at no time was an unsafe situation for the team onboard,” OET said in a statement online. “While this is a rare event to happen, this is not the first of these types of situations within the field of ocean exploration and research.”

Soon after the news about the loss of the vehicles spread, offers of assistance from the oceanographic research and exploration community began to arrive. Among those was for assistance from ROV Jason, which is owned and operated by the Woods Hol....

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