UK Government to support safe maritime trade and sustainable development across the Pacific and Cari

The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has launched a five-day capacity building conference to help islands across the Pacific and Caribbean support trade and develop sustainable marine economies.

Led by government experts in maritime safety, seabed mapping and ocean science, the conference will help representatives to achieve these outcomes by developing legislation and regulations that support the safe use of our oceans.

Legislation and regulations that guide the sharing of maritime information including up-to-date bathymetry (seabed mapping data), tides, navigational warnings and observations are essential to the safe navigation of ships, protecting the lives of mariners and reducing the likelihood of groundings that could damage marine environments. This information, when combined with detailed analysis of marine life, can also help countries to develop evidence-based policy and legislation that supports the sustainable use of their natural resources.

UK Hydrographic Office, with support from partners across government, works with representatives from 17 Commonwealth states to develop legislation that supports the safe and sustainable use of our oceans

Talks and practical sessions led by UKHO subject matter experts will include a focus on how maritime regulations and law can help islands to build sustainable blue economies, as well as support the safe navigation of the many ships that travel in their territories.

Partners the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), Centre for Environ....

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