Today's Pickup: Federal Judge Reaffirms Class-Action Decision That Drivers Should Be Paid By Hour

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A federal judge in Arkansas has said that paying drivers by the mile and not by the hour violates the Fair Labor Standards Act. U.S. District Judge Timothy Brooks reaffirmed that PAM Transport violated federal labor laws when they didn't pay their trucker employees at least minimum wage for every non-sleeping hour spent in their truck. In October 2018, Brooks upset many in the trucking community when he ruled that PAM Transport would have to pay their drivers at least minimum wage for 16 hours each day that they work. There are 3,000 truck drivers in the class-action suit against PAM. Brooks also allowed the lawsuit to be a class-action suit that can be tried under Arkansas law. Justin Swidler, the attorney representing the truck drivers in the PAM case, told Business Insider that's significant because Arkansas has stronger labor laws than the federal government.

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Bismark, Chicago, Cleveland, Des Moines, Detroit and Green Bay will experience their coldest temperatures in more than 20 years this week. By Wednesday, the chill will spread south and east into Iowa, northern Illinois, and Wisconsin.


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