Suzuki Swift 2019 review: GLX Turbo

Japanese car makers have an extraordinary ability to introduce two things that an automotive eHarmony would keep apart - body roll and grip. I don't know how they do it, but Suzuki has designed a suspension tune that rides reasonably well despite a) rear torsion beams and b) a kerb weight that would impress a Lotus engineer, at just 945kg.

Suzuki has designed a suspension tune that rides reasonably well.

The GLX Turbo is plenty of fun. On my Friday-night run taking number one son to youth group, there's a downhill, off-camber left-hander that was sealed by someone with only a passing interest in road surfacing and designed by - I'm being generous here - an idiot. It's a shocker of a corner, but unintentionally hilarious. He always holds the grab handle, and I time it so the arrow is green and tip it in to see what happens, regardless of the car were in.

Most cars with rear torsion beams hop all over the place, while we hoot with laughter. The Swift leaned over like a Liberian oil tanker, held on for dear life at the front and swept through without upset. We still laughed because it felt like I might have grazed my right elbow on the road if Id had the window open, but it was quite something. Its a corner that tells you a lot about a car, and it told us that the dynamic compromises in this Swift are good ones.

The light, quick-ish steering amplifies the feeling of gri....

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