North Korea state media attacks double-faced South over UN human rights resolution

North Korean media has launched an attack on South Korea for what it described as its neighbour's double-faced participation in a United Nations resolution condemning the countrys violations of human rights.

The UN passed a resolution this week at the General Assembly which criticised the longstanding and ongoing systematic, widespread and gross violations of human rights by the North Korean government, according to Yonhap News Agency.

The General Assembly cited abuses which could amount to crimes against humanity including torture, rape, public executions and the use of the death penalty for political and religious reasons.

It marked the 14th consecutive year the UN has passed such a document.

A North Korean propaganda outlet, Uriminzokkiri, described South Koreas participation as double-faced.

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The website said: The South Korean authorities expressed support for the US anti-Pyongyang ploy to condemn the human rights situation.

In front [of us], they [South Korea] talks of trust and harmony, while it follows the foreign forces ploy behind our back."

Another propaganda website, Maeari, criticised the countries that participated in the resolution and warned followers ... will pay dearly for their provocative and malign acts, according to First Post.

In its resolution, the UN further condemned the continuing impunity for human rights violations and encouraged the UN Security Council to take appropriate action to ensure a....

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