NOC Opens European Glider Service Center

The UK-based National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has partnered with subsea technology firm, Teledyne Marine, to open a new European Glider Service Center.

The partners opened the doors to the center Tuesday. The center promises to expand glider usage for both science and industry and provide scientific support and repair facilities for Teledyne Slocum Gliders.

Based at the NOC’s engineering hub in Southampton, the Gilder Service Center offers services to Slocum glider owners from across Europe, including sensor calibrations and pressure testing, and will save businesses time and the expense of shipping systems to the US for servicing and upgrades. The center is set to gradually increase its offer to include subassembly servicing (shallow and deep water pumps), and will eventually move into complete vehicle servicing, upgrades, and repairs.

As autonomy increasingly leads the way in oceanic research, weather forecasting, and naval operations; gliders are becoming an increasingly popular platform for sensor deployment thanks to the unrivaled range, duration, and cost savings, NOC said.Credit: NOC The new center will act as a central European hub to enable the NOC’s engineers to perform calibration on CTD’s (Conductivity, Temperature and Depth sensors) for autonomous gliders, additionally, the service center is also expanding its offerings to calibrate many optical and common AUV sensors utilizing the NOC’s own Calibration Laboratory. 

According to NOC, the center will dramatically im....

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