My other Lamborghini's a tractor

In 1956, Mannesmann, a German industrial conglomerate, acquired the licences and began building Porsche tractors in serious numbers. By 1963, when production ceased, it had built more than 125,000 of them. 

Unsurprisingly, certain Porsche and Lamborghini tractors command high prices today. For example, earlier this year, a fully restored 1958 Porsche-Diesel 308 Super N made £19,833 at auction and a restored 1960 Junior 108 L, £13,200. Prices for collectable Lamborghinis vary widely. In 2016, a restored 1955 Lamborghini DL25 like Ciros (his was built in 1954) sold for £86,000 at auction in the US but another, equally pristine, example made just £9440 in the UK. 

Fortunately, you can still find bargains, such as the 1961 Lamborghini 2241R that made £2240. What counts against these younger Lamborghini models is the fact that Lamborghini Trattori is still active and producing tractors. 

Without a car brand directly associated with them, David Brown tractors are worth less. In November 2018, Eddie Thompson, a farmer based in Norfolk, auctioned his collection of 70 vintage tractors, including 55 David Brown models, for £100,000. ....

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