Joey Farrell: Born To Marine Salvage

Boys are coaxed into cleanliness at bath time playing with boats. But it was never a game for Joseph Farrell, III, instinctively realizing he was ballasting and salvaging ships, unlike the typical Mr. Bubbles kid. The scion of Resolve Marine Group may have been born to lead the global emergency response company founded by his father with a single tug 38 years ago, but he’s never taken dangerous wreck removal lightly.

Before turning 15, Joey had two close calls on and around ships that guide him today, at 34. Realizing one should always study what is seemingly intuitive, he applies proven, problem solving techniques when exploring submerged vessels and new business opportunities.

“When I was really young, around four or five years old, I fell through the deck of a barge, and got cut up,” said Joey Farrell. “Then when I was 13 or 14, a ship was aground off Jamaica. There was sugar in the water and it was murky. During the dive inspection, I got sucked underneath the ship. It happened so quickly, afterwards I freaked out a little. After that, whenever I would dive around a wreck, I would feel around the corner to see if there is suction.”

Growing up, Farrell heard stories of near misses, realizing salvage is serious business.

“It reaffirms what you knew and to minimize the risk in each scenario,” he said. “As intuitive as it is, look into it. Resolve has an emphasis on personal safety and all staff have an operational background.”

Naval architecture and engineering is integrated into....

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