'Empower people through adventure': Bear Grylls' pride as his NEC attraction marks first anniversary

Its a bold message, but perhaps not a particularly surprising one since it comes from a former SAS soldier who is now at the head of Britains Scouting movement, and who is notorious for bunging celebrities out of helicopters and forcing them to survive on their wits.

Tangible experiences, he says, can inspire them to try new things and have a positive knock-on effect for keeping them off the streets and out of trouble.

What all of us are trying to say is get off your screens, says Grylls, the soldier-turned-survivalist who is now a TV personality and Britains Chief Scout.

As mums and dads, were to trying to encourage young people not to be glued to devices.

What people want more and more, especially for children, are tangible experiences.

Its perhaps unsurprising that 45-year-old Bear is making these recommendations at the NEC in Birmingham during an event to mark the first anniversary of the Bear Grylls Experience.

The Bear Grylls Adventure in Birmingham

The centre, which was built by Merlin, was created and inspired by Bears military experiences and past adventures across the globe including skydiving, climbing high ropes and diving.

From swimming with sharks to taking on Europes highest outdoor free roam high ropes, Bear believes its a place where young people can conquer their fears, try new challenges and build self-confidence.

This place is designed to empower people through adventure, he says.

I think there is a lot of underutilised talent in young people in this coun....

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