COVID-19 Impact analysis on the Global Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Market – Crypto Daily

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected almost every industry and this unpredicted change has affected global AUV market in a marginal way. Autonomous underwater vehicles are self-controlled robots that are utilized to provide accurate information and data regarding quality map of the deep-sea floor. These vehicles are unmanned and are generally controlled by remote sensors that are mounted with HD cameras for capturing images. Rising use of AUV for research of deep sea, reliability, and cost efficiency is the major factors that are responsible for the development of AUV market in the forecast period. Major problem that is faced in underwater environment is communication. Thus, recent developments have improved the communication systems in AUV by improving range of connectivity and noise free communication systems between connected vehicles. During this coronavirus crisis situation, we are helping our clients in understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the global autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) market.

Our report includes:

  • Technological Impact
  • Social Impact
  • Investment Opportunity Analysis
  • Pre- & Post-COVID Market Scenario
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Supply Side & Demand Side Impact

According to a new report published by Research Dive, the global autonomous underwater vehicle market has gained importance and is anticipated to generate revenue of $ 2,276.1 million rising at a healthy CAGR till 2027.

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