Arts & Culture Newsletter: MCASD's Art Auction 2020 goes online

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Im David L. Coddon, and heres your guide to all things essential in San Diegos arts and culture this week.

If youre seeking a gift for that special someone, even if that special someone is you, you cant go wrong with art. Its both an investment in the aesthetic and an appreciation of whatever beauty your eye beholds. So heres your chance: The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego is taking online its biennial Art Auction 2020, originally planned for last May, with a two-week event that begins today.

A silent auction kicks things off and runs through Oct. 14. Thats the date for a live auction hosted by Sothebys Gary Metzner of works by many artists, including June Edmonds, Ruben Ortiz Torres and Kim MacConnel. (A bit more on this in a moment.) While the party atmosphere of a live auction will be missed, Auctions have always had an online capability, said Kathryn Kanjo, the museums David C. Copley director and CEO. For the last couple of years weve allowed people the ability to bid online, which has been convenient for guests. People used this even when they were in the galleries.

The auction is being hosted by the online art platform Sale prices, Kanjo said, will likely range from $500 up to as high as $50,000 per work. Thats one of the things about contemporary art, she said. We have works by artists who are maybe early in their careers or who are local and dont have a huge collecting audience, so ther....

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