! Murcia Today - The Don Pancho Tourist Boat In Águilas; Group Outings, Parties And Boat Trips

Trips along the Águilas coastline and a floating venue in the Mediterranean for parties and celebrations

The Don Pancho tourist boat in Águilas offers a range of trips along the coastline of south-western Murcia throughout the year and is also available for hire by groups, providing a floating venue for parties and celebrations and even wedding receptions!

Built of Burmese teak, the Don Pancho is 24 metres in length, carries up to 150 people and has been specifically designed and furnished for tourist trips and parties. The trips have proven popular not only among summer tourists but also those who live in the Region of Murcia and the east of the province of Almería, allowing people to explore the coastline from the comfort of their on-deck seating.

One 90-minute route heads south-west to San Juan de los Terreros and includes the volcanic island of Isla Negra, the 18th century castle of Los Terreros and some of the most beautiful beaches in this part of Spain, while another takes passengers east towards the Isla del Fraile with the option of a dip in the crystal-clear water in this part of the Mediterranean.

Especially popular is the opportunity to hire the Don Pancho for large private functions, entailing groups of at least 25 people. Fully equipped with music systems, comfortable lighting, a kitchen, bar and toilets, the Don Pancho can hold 50 people on the lower interior deck (which is perfect for seated meals in winter) and 60 on the upper deck, with room for 20 more on the ....

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